Please call after 10:00 for non-urgent appointments.

We offer a combination of pre-bookable and same day “urgent” appointments.

Pre-bookable appointments allow you to attend at a time of your choosing and can be booked either online, by automated telephone service (24/7) or by talking to a member of reception team. If you do not work please try to leave the early morning, late evening and Saturday morning appointments for those who do.

If you think you require a same day “urgent” appointment please try to ring close to our 8AM opening time. In order to ensure your receive the most appropriate care a receptionist may ask you the reason why you are calling. They will then either book you an appointment or pass your details to the duty doctor or nurse for a telephone assessment.

We will always see patients as an emergency but please be aware at times of high demand this might be in a special slot fitted into the day.

Our experienced nursing team have specialist training in asthma, diabetes, heart disease and family planning. Where appropriate you may be given a nurse appointment rather than seeing a doctor.

Evening & Weekend Appointments (Improving Access Service)

Patients in the BANES area can, from 1 October 2018, book appointments with a local GP or Nurse in the evenings and at weekends in a BANES General Practice Hub. This service is provided by BEMS (BANES Enhanced Medical Services) which is a GP Federation whose members are all the GP Practices in BANES.

Ask your surgery receptionist for more details about what this service can offer or if you wish to book an appointment.

The service runs from 6pm – 9pm on weekday evenings and from 8am -12pm on Saturday and Sunday mornings from hubs in central Bath, Paulton (Elm Hayes Surgery) and Keynsham (St Augustines). Please note you will be asked to provide your consent to share your information with a BEMS GP/Nurse.

How do I get the most out of my appointment?

The following points will help you to get the most out of the service we provide and will greatly help us.

Keep your appointment

Around 250 appointments are wasted each month because patients book an appointment and then simply fail to turn up! This is a terrible waste of our time and contributes significantly to waiting times. Every day we have patients who can take cancelled appointments provided you cancel your appointment and let us know within a reasonable time.

Do you need a longer appointment?

If your problem is more complicated or you think you may need longer than 10 minutes, then please feel free to book a double appointment. Female patients who may have been advised, or anticipate, an internal examination or smear should book a double appointment. (However, most routine smears are done by the nurses, not the Doctors)

Do you need to see the doctor at all?

We are lucky enough to have three senior nurses (Sisters Karen Kocinski, Angela Harris and Jo Robb) who have undertaken special training to deal with a wide range of illnesses. You will often be able to get an earlier appointment with them. The other nurses also perform many duties e.g. vaccinations and dressings.

Many questions can also be answered through this website. This includes queries about “fit notes” or the progress of referrals.

Pharmacists provide a very useful, and often overlooked, service to patients. They are qualified to advise on many different treatments that you may try before seeing the nurse or doctor. The can also advice on the use of medications and can often address many queries that would otherwise be brought to the doctor.

Please try not to bring a long list of problems to the doctor

If there are several things that are worrying you, do mention them but if the doctor feels they are not linked together, he or she might ask you to come back another time for some of the problems.

Try to be concise and to the point

You might want to jot down a few points on a piece of paper before you come to see us. Over 90% of the information gained in making a diagnosis comes from the symptoms given to us and not the examination, as people often think. If you can give us an accurate and concise history, it makes our job much easier.

Mother & Baby 6 week check

These appointments are booked with a GP to check mother and baby when your baby is between 6 – 8 weeks old.

Please request a 30 minute slot so the GP has time for both you and your baby.

Child Immunisations

Baby can then see the nurse to have their first immunisations from when they are 8 weeks onwards.

Please request a 24 minute appointment with a treatment room nurse.

Please make sure you contact the practice in advance to book these appointments.