Availability of Covid vaccination appointments

We advised patients at the time of their first dose that they would need to be available for the second dose within the 11 to 12 week window to meet the recommended guidelines. We cannot bring the second vaccination dose forward for leisure or business purposes only for medical reasons.

Changing appointments at this time is also limited to exceptional circumstances because if you cannot make the date given for your second dose we may not be able to offer a further appointment within the right timescale.

Our focus on second doses will continue as follows:

15th to 16th Feb – 6th May at St Augustine’s – the text booking link has been sent today via Accubook.

The next Pfizer delivery for those vaccinated on 24th/25th Feb at Westview is expected to be 12th/13th May – we will be in touch once we have a confirmed delivery date.

Dates thereafter:

1st – 4th March – 20th May

11th March – 27th May

18th March – 3rd June

25th March – 10th June

We are also revisiting our Care Homes/ Housebound patients.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.